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Newsletter 2nd February 2023

Newsletter 2nd February 2023

Newsletter 2/2/2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Spring has sprung at last: Ms. Sullivan has been busy with some of her groups planting some beautiful spring flowers: a very welcome sight after the long winter. We look forward to more beautiful daffodils blooming around the school grounds very soon.

St. Brigid’s Day & Catholic Schools Week: We celebrated St. Brigid’s Day yesterday. The children learned all about the story of St. Brigid and that St. Brigid brings the Spring. Some of our 1st and 2nd class pupils also learned about St. Brigid's cross and visited St. Patrick’s church to attend mass and to mark Catholic Schools Week. Are any boys and girls willing to take the St. Brigid's cross challenge below? We would love to see your efforts.

Window painting by Mrs. Power

Safety Internet Day falls on 7th February 2023. With children spending increased time on devices, it is important that we all take precautions to enhance their safety online. For further information and resources check out Safer Internet Day 2023 - (

Enrolment for junior infants 2023/2024 will close tomorrow 3/2/2023. Please find an expression of interest form on our school website HERE.

Upcoming Closures: Feb. 6th Bank Holiday. Feb. 16th and 17th Mid-term break.

Looking Forward: Rita Doyle will return again this year from March 7th to teach our pupils some Irish dancing in preparation for seachtain na gaeilge 2023. Rita has been part of our celebrations for many years and the children love the lessons. Some of our 2nd classes will also visit Gaelscoil Eiscir Riada to immerse themselves in the language and to have some fun and games through the Irish medium.

Junior Infant Art: Ms. Barnes', Ms. Lawlor's and Mr. Meehan's pupils have been busy creating beautiful art work. Take a look below.

Rainbows: Thank you most sincerely to our staff volunteers who give freely of their time to upskill and to facilitate the Rainbows support groups for the pupils of St. Thomas' JNS. Rainbows is currently running in the school and we are fortunate to be able to provide this service to pupils experiencing bereavement and parental separation.

Breast Cancer Ireland: The Parents' Association will facilitate a presentation in the junior hall on February 8th @8pm. We welcome all parents and guardians to this talk. The breast check talk is for both males and females and is very informative. We encourage you all to prioritise your health.

Subscriptions: Each year the Parents Association welcome support from our parents/guardians to in turn benefit our pupils. A donation of €10 would be most welcome from each family and this can be paid via databiz from today onwards. The PA subs go towards supporting your children in many ways. The Fun Run, purchase of PM readers, medals, goodie bags, school trips, school equipment, evening talks for parents etc.

Sport's Club: New Sports Club starting Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd February for 6 week block. First and Second class children. Please email for more information. All after school clubs are run independently of St. Thomas' Junior School.



Can you make a St. Brigid's Cross?

You Will Need

  • 16 Reeds (or Straws)
  • 4 small rubber bands
  • Scissors

What to Do

  1. Hold one of the reeds vertically. Fold a second reed in half as in the diagram.
  2. Place the first vertical reed in the centre of the folded second reed.
  3. Hold the centre overlap tightly between thumb and forefinger.
  4. Turn the two rushes held together 90 degrees anti-clockwise so that the open ends of the second reed are pointing vertically upwards.
  5. Fold a third reed in half and over both parts of the second reed to lie horizontally from left to right against the first straw. Hold tight.
  6. Holding the centre tightly, turn the three reeds 90 degrees anti-clockwise so that the open ends of the third reed are pointing upwards.
  7. Fold a new reed in half over and across all the rushes pointing upwards.
  8. Repeat the process of rotating all the rushes 90 degrees anti-clockwise, adding a new folded reed each time until all rushes have been used up to make the cross.
  9. Secure the arms of the cross with elastic bands. Trim the ends to make them all the same length. The St Bridget’s Cross is now ready to hang.

Have an enjoyable long weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday 7th February.

Lorraine Murray

Acting Principal

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