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Amber Flag (Well-Being)

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What is the Amber Flag?

The Amber Flag initiative is an initiative run by Pieta House which recognises the individual efforts of primary and secondary schools, youth reach, third level institutions, community groups, clubs and companies to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental wellbeing.

In order to promote positive mental health and wellbeing at St. Thomas' JNS, we have been taking part in the Amber Flag initiative since 2021. Being an Amber Flag school involves the whole school community coming together in order to create a safe, positive and healthy attitude towards our general physical and mental health and well-being.

We, in St. Thomas JNS, wish to rally the wider school community together to endorse positive mental health and wellbeing. If any parents are willing to share their skills and talents with us in terms of music, meditation, mindfulness, fitness, healthy eating, art, etc. please get in touch.

Our aims and objectives are…

  • To create Amber Flag notice boards in the school, promoting positive mental health strategies.
  • To hold a fundraising event for Pieta House and a Wellbeing Week to promote positive mental health in our school.
  • To promote well-being among staff and students by taking part in daily affirmations, kindness challenges and yoga workshops for students and staff.


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