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Restorative Practice


Restorative practice is a whole school teaching and learning approach that encourages behaviour that is supportive and respectful. It involves developing skills which are rooted in respect for each other and aims to build positive relationships between people. It is a proactive approach based on the understanding that relationships can be restored when they have been harmed by conflict or wrongdoing. It focuses on separating the behaviour from the person. It places responsibility on individuals to be truly accountable for their behaviour and to repair any harm caused to others as a result of their actions. Through appropriate questioning and listening we allow children to identify what has happened and the impact on the other person.

To make this more accessible to the young children at St. Thomas’ JNS, we have introduced Gabby the Giraffe. Gabby has a huge heart, and her message is to be a P.A.L.

Three key restorative questions are used to enable pupils reflect on their behaviour. These questions are asked of individuals involved in a situation when addressing challenging behaviour.

  1. What happened?
  2. Who was hurt? Why?
  3. What can we do differently next time?

As a staff we endeavour to build and restore relationships and model positive interactions throughout the day.

In addition to the above three restorative questions, restorative circles are used to further develop positive behaviour at St. Thomas’ JNS. These strategies build empathy, understanding, speaking/listening skills and positive social relationships. These restorative practices can be used for check-ins/outs, relationship- building, problem-solving, academic content, feedback, assessment, planning and discussion to assist in promoting positive behaviour.

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